Winter 2020 fixi online team registration process  –

covid-19 winter comp update –

click here for tamworth oztag contingency plan 2020

Must be 15 years old before 1st game to register in seniors!


With our 2 registration nights coming up as per flyer above, there is just one thing to do beforehand as explained below;

Download winter 2020 team rego forms available (click on link below)  

oztag team registration form – winter 2020 

But it is imperative that you staple the 2nd page (conditions of play) to the back of the rego form & ensure that all your players read them & sign !!

How to register a team online: 


To register your team online, click here

  1.    Nomination is $120 per player.  Attend registration nights provided to pay 8 player deposit to secure your spot.  Individuals after that can be paid at the fields or at next arranged rego night.
  2.    Registration forms available for download above if you wish to get started on filling them out prior to rego nights.


Reminder – download the sportfix app below onto your phone to access draws/points tables when competition starts

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